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Lawn care is more than cutting the grass. Living on Long Island we see an extreme in temperatures that has a direct effect on our landscape. Godberson Landscaping offers various programs that will keep your lawn lush and green. We would be happy to provide you with a FREE LAWN MAINTENANCE ESTIMATE! Our affordable lawn care programs are applied based on the weather and season. On Long Island, the fall is the best time to seed as we typically get a lot of rain during the spring which makes it difficult for the seed to flourish. Cooler temperatures of spring also slow growth.
There are three rules to the seeding process. First, the preparaion of the ground. Second, water, water, water and third, keep off the grass. Our service includes aeration to provides a rich bed for the seed to root. Once planted the seed must be kept moderately moist to germinate. Though green grass shoots can appear quickly and seem hardy, grass in its establishment phase is a delicate plant and requires you to keep traffic to a minimum.

Fertilizing supplies grass with the nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy. Fertilizer contains three primary elements: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen helps improve color and density of the grass. Phosphorous enhances root growth. Potassium is good for the general health and vigor of the plant.
It is recommended you wait until the first flush of spring growth before fertilizing. If your lawn had crabgrass last year, consider using a fertilizer with a crabgrass preventer for this application.
Fertilizing in late spring will help keep your lawn green through the summer months. You may begin to see some broadleaf weeds at this time. Applying a post-emergent weed and feed combination product can be done when these weeds are actively  growing, not before.
This application is to replenish the nutrient supply that has been used up over the tough summer months. Now, more than any other time of the year, grass will multiply itself and thicken the overall lawn. At this time, you may choose to apply a combination product to protect your lawn from insects.
A fall fertilization will help your lawn through the cold NY winters, and help it green up earlier in the spring. You may also want to incorporate a fifth feeding into your lawn program in late fall to further help winterize your lawn. We recommend a straight fertilizer that is formulated with higher potassium for this feeding. This type of fertilizer tends to condition turf to withstand Long Island's winter stress.
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