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SIX STEPS to Creating  Your Very Maintenance Free Landscape on L.I.
  by Kevin Godberson

In the world of landscaping, any reputable landscape company would tell you that the key to a maintenance free property starts with a proper (what we call in the Long Island community) ‘‘Spring Opening’’ or ‘‘Spring Clean-up’’. We all want a maintenance free property…Don’t we?  So here are 6 steps to help you create your very own maintenance free landscape.

Step # 1Raking Leaves and Thatching Grass  Start by raking all leaves, sticks and acorns from all flower beds and thatch all greass areas. This will give you a clean foundation to start from. Now your lawn areas can breathe and are ready for the first application of lawn crabgrass control with fertilizer.

Step # 2 Weeding and Mulching  All beds should be treated with a healthy layer of mulch to slow down the germination of weeds. A pre-emergence weed control can also be used to stop the weeds from coming up. A good covering should be put down over the soil before the mulch is spread. Who wants to weed beds on the weekend? NOT ME!


Step # 3 – Crabgrass Control  For a lawn to really prosper it should have an application of pre-emergence Crabgrass control put down. This will stop crabgrass from flourishing later in the season. Spot seed all bare areas so the lawn fills in. Be sure to keep fertilizer away from bare areas as it will stop the seed from germinating.


Step# 4 – Watering Your Lawn  At this time you should water the fertilized areas in order to green up your lawn. If you have a sprinkler system, make sure you inspect each head for proper operation.  Rotation of heads and spray distance is important to get entire lawn watered. You don’t want areas of your lawn to burn up as they take a long time to come back to life.


Step# 5 – Crabgrass Control - (revisited) After about 4 weeks I like to go back and put down a second application of crabgrass control. This will ensure you have covered the entire lawn. One application never works 100% and you may end up with some crabgrass that will seed itself across the rest of your lawn. Trust me the second application really works.


Step# 6 - Weed Control  Spraying of flower beds with weed killer will help with the weed control. This will stop any weeds that may have germinated in your flower bed areas. Be sure not to over spray onto flowers or bushes as this will burn or even kill plants. 


So in closing, follow the above 6 steps to your best ability and transform your Long island landscape into one that’s both extremely easy on the eye as well as maintenance free.