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The Environment:  Concern and heightened awareness for the environment has reached its tipping point and has flowed into mainstream America. "Environmentally savvy homeowners know it's not just good enough to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you've got to be environmentally responsible, too," says Garden Media’s Susan McCoy. They're actively seeking ways to conserve water; use locally produced or recycled materials, and employ environmentally responsible maintenance practices. Ball Horticultural, believes "sustainability takes 'thinking green' to a higher level, and that consumers now expect forward-looking brands to do the eco-work for them."

Eco-Chic:  "Eco-Ethics is one of the top consumer trends of the year, and it is flowing into gardening," says McCoy. Homeowners are seeking eco-chic landscape products. They are selecting plants that are bred to withstand attacks by disease and insects, without requiring traditional chemical applications. Consumers worried about not harming wildlife lunching on their landscapes are also concerned about the wildlife repellants that they are using on their yard. For those that don't want to use conventional chemicals, a slew of new eco-chic repellants are available.

Buying Locally:  Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental footprint businesses have on the environment, and about the health benefits of buying locally grown foods, and hiring local service providers.

Water Features According to the 2006 National Gardening Survey, water gardening is up 49 percent. But today, adding a water feature doesn't mean budget-busting water bills. Homeowners are selecting petite water ponds and fountains. The new, small-scale ponds require a lot less water and maintenance. Fountains that re-circulate water will also continue to be wildly popular. 
Low-Maintenance:  Design trends may change rapidly, but lifestyle trends do not. The uber-busy consumer is busier than ever, and he or she demands products that simplify their life without breaking the bank. Look for new products that can help your customers enjoy a low-maintenance landscape, or consider offering more maintenance services.

Corresponding Color:  Simplicity in the garden remains hot for 2009, but this season there's a new twist on the monochromatic look. Instead of potting or planting just one basic color family, try adding foliage plants or succulents with variegated leaves as an accent. To create a harmonious look, just be sure that one or two of the colors in the variegated leaves picks up color from one of the other plants in the arrangement.

Shapely Landscapes: It is no longer hip to be square. More organic or free-flowing designs are popular among consumers. Today, homeowners are choosing to trade in their box-shaped lawns for a much more curvaceous look.

Landscape Lighting:  "Lighted features have become an essential element for 24-hour use of the garden," says designer Peter Cilio of Campania International. From stylish table lamps to modern freestanding cast stone wall fountains equipped with a submersible lights, homeowners want dramatic night-time illumination of their landscape.

Give Me Shelter:  Creating natural shelter that birds can retreat to and planting flowers and plants to attract and feed wildlife is increasingly important. Potting up evergreens, planting vines beneath a deck railing and even potting up flowers and placing them around a deck or patio will give these creatures a place to hide. A well-planned landscape can also provide food for birds, bees, ladybugs, bats and other beneficial wildlife.