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Top 10 Lawn Service Pet Peeves of Long Island Homeowners

1. Licensed and Insured - These two items are the most important to ask for from the very beginning. It’s crucial to protect

     your family and home from potential law suits. The contractor should carry a license for the county in the areas they work in.

2. References -I would first ask for references from clients they have done work for in the past. You should also as a

     background check consider looking up your contractor using your local Better Business Bureau. This will tell you what you really

     need to know.

3. Local Service - You need to be certain that the company is either local or services homes in your area. This will insure that

     your lawn service will be taken care of on time every week.

4. Scheduled Day of Service - You should be assigned a specific day of the week for service. On this day we ask that your

     sprinklers be turned off, your gates be unlocked and if company is expected on that day we can kindly reschedule your service

     for another time. Rain however will push the schedule back a day and if that happens don’t hesitate to ask when service will

     be completed.

5. Years Established in BusinessAlways ask the landscape company how many years they have been  in business doing the

    line of service you’re asking for. This will insure you that they have been around for a reason and must be doing good work.

    You would want a company who has been doing this type of work for at least 6 years or more.

6. Weekly Lawn  Service - Cutting of all grass areas, edging all grass borders with trim line, carting of all grass clippings,

    removal of all curbside weeds and complete blow down of all pathways, patios, decks and driveways. The above are the main

    tasks to be completed with a weekly service program.

7.  Forman on Property-There should always be a foreman on the job. This will insure the proper job is getting done as well

    as targeting other concerns within your property. Communication between you and the service company is a good starting

    point to address all your landscaping needs. Monthly check ups or a call in from your company will show you they really care

    about your property.

8.  Lawn Damage - To avoid any damages to your lawn the crew must be experienced machine operators. Scalping and ruts in

    the lawn should not be tolerated and will happen servicing a wet lawn. Be sure that you do not water on the day they come

    for service.

9.  Gates - This is a big one for all clients with pets. “Please be sure my gates are locked so Max my dog will not get out. “  We

     love our pets and your landscaper should close gates every time. Gates should be self locking and in good working conditions.

10. Contracts and Billing – A formal contract defining all the services should be written in detail of what will be performed each week. With a contract there won’t be any misunderstandings as to what should or shouldn’t be done. The payment terms should be in the contract describing the method of payments. Monthly billing is always best as clients are normally going about their busy lives during the day. Be clear on the contract services and payment terms and all will run smooth.