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WEED & FEED-Keeping Your Lawn Healthy
What is Weed and Feed?
Weed & Feed is designed to strengthen existing grass and kill off broadleaf weeds simultaneously.  Plus, it improves your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. It’s composed of several parts. Weed & Feed has a fertilizer to “green up” your lawn. It also has a weed killer that will target broadleaf weeds like dandelions and many others. Vigoro adds a third part, a timed-release nitrogen for extended feeding.
When Should Weed and Feed Be Applied?

The climate on Long Island dictates that the best time to apply weed & feed is early spring or fall when weeds are growing. Spread weed & feed on wet grass (use a sprinkler or after rain) so that the granules adhere to the weeds. Pick a time when no rain is expected and avoid watering your lawn for about 2 days. This allows time for the weed control to work before being washed away.

Important Note About Weed and Feed

Weed & Feed prevents seed germination so you should avoid planting new grass for at least four weeks. If applied in the spring, seeding should occur in the fall. For aeration a minimum of two weeks should pass. This allows enough time for the product to work.

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